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We consider dental care an integral part of our everyday routine but someone needs to ensure your teeth and gums are shiny and healthy. At Dr. Malot, we go through everything that ensures your oral hygiene.

We specialize in every sphere with an array of modern technology tools and skills. You can get services of implant dentistry, teeth whitening, family and kids’ dentistry, fillings, tooth removal, and even emergency treatment with complete ease. No complicated processes, with the cost-effective and convenient procedure from the best- our patients are assured of the benefits of both the quality and quantity of our unmatched dental care right here at Dr. Malot.













Dental Services

General Dentistry
You need an overall treatment to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Minimize expensive dental treatments by regularly booking routine dental appointments to ensure good oral hygiene.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Beginning from treating tooth abrations and erosions, replacing old amalgam fillings with superior tooth coloured fillings, gap closure between teeth via veneers, laminates or direct composites, teeth whitening or straightening through personalizing braces.
Dental Implants
We perform all four types of dental implants- Two Stages, Endosteal, Single Stage, and Subperiosteal. We minimize the risk of infection or prolonged complications after your dental implants with the latest standardized technology and hygiene we ensure our patients comfortable.
An experienced orthodontic should be your lifetime friend. Dr. Malot Dental Clinic is here for both family and kids’ dentistry. Achieve perfection by allowing us to treat your mal-aligned teeth and jaw patterns.
Crown and tooth capping
When the damage has already been done, a dental crown and tooth capping can protect your teeth from further deterioration. We promised to take care of your teeth and your smile with tooth like crowns that are hardly distinguishable from the natural teeth.
Kids Dentistry
Parents worry not! Your kids are in cautious and experienced hands. Our pediatric dentistry branch deals with specialized techniques to guarantee comfort and complete dental care for your children.
Dental Surgery
Oral surgery particularly deals with jaw surgeries, extractions, gum grafts, implants, dental fractures and trauma. We provide every assistance required for you to go through with successful dental surgery.
Some kids like it, and others don’t, we try to make it fun. Our goal is to ensure your kids have a comfortable and colorful experience when they get their braces. As an adult too you can align your teeth with our cosmetic dental services or braces.

Expert Dentists

Happy patients with proud smiles on their faces are a clear example of our expertise in dentistry.

We have been specialists not until today but over the years with our diversified experience through multiple patients. For us, specialization is not just a few qualifications, certificates, and years of experience. It is the approval of every patient who has achieved the perfect smile through the continuous trust they had in us. Be a part of our expertise, choose Dr Malot Dental Clinic.

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